EMAGine C-Eye Device


The future of cross-linking
The C-Eye device combines a number of exciting features with the unique possibility of using CXL and PACK-CXL technology at the slit lamp.

When not in use, the C-Eye device is securely placed onto its C-Base for USB-C charging. The C-Base also doubles as a UV meter, ensuring that the output of the UV-LEDs is calibrated and correct prior to treatment.

Slit Lamp Mount
EMAGine’s C-Eye device fits on a wide range of Haag-Streit and Zeiss slit lamps. Please find a list of tested slit lamps here. If your slit lamp is not on the list, please contact us.

Table Mount
The C-Eye device can be mounted on a slit lamp. But it can also be mounted on a table mount (sold separately), and used like any other CXL apparatus.

Range of Intensities
The C-Eye device can deliver a range of intensities: 3, 9, 15, 18 and 30 mW/cm2, covering the entire range of treatment modalities for CXL and PACK-CXL treatments.

Pulsed & Continuous Light
The C-Eye device can deliver both continuous and pulsed UV-A irradiation, making it perfectly suited for a number of epi-off and epi-on protocols.

Superior Battery Technology
The batteries allow for ten consecutive treatments when fully charged. Charging can be performed on the C-Base or using any smartphone USB-C-charger.

Thickness-adjusted Profile
The cornea is thicker in the periphery. The irradiation profile of the C-Eye device delivers more energy in the corneal periphery, following the increase in thickness from center to periphery.

Integrated protocols
Choose from a number of preset CXL and PACK-CXL epi-on and epi-off protocols available for your convenience.