Eyesi Indirect


Realistic Training of Retinal Examinations
The Eyesi® Indirect Ophthalmoscope is an advanced diagnostic training simulator for examinations with an indirect binocular ophthalmoscope. With a head-mounted stereo display, Eyesi Indirect provides a realistic and dynamic 3D simulation of eye anatomy and ophthalmoscope optics.

Diagnostic Practice for Students and Residents
With a comprehensive database of clinically relevant pathologies, Eyesi Indirect significantly extends the range of diagnostic training available to ophthalmology and optometry students or residents. The broad, ready-to-go curriculum is optimal for self-guided training of examination and diagnostic skills.

Individual Findings Library
When a trainee detects a pathological sign, it is highlighted on the retina. At the same time, a findings tile with additional medical information pops up on the touch screen. For an easy recap, all tiles are stored in the trainee’s findings library on the simulator and online on VRmNet.

Self-Guided Learning
Eyesi Indirect comes with a structured curriculum consisting of four tiers containing several courses each. Students advance through the curriculum independently by completing the cases within a course. Educators can lock or unlock courses as required.

Immediate Feedback
The simulator provides a detailed, objective evaluation of the diagnostic performance. Scored parameters include, for example, the percentage of retina examined, the light exposure, and the diagnostic accuracy. The feedback allows for a competency-based assessment and systematic improvement of skills.

Clinical Cases Based on Real Patients
Next to abstract cases that teach ophthalmoscope handling and fundus documentation, Eyesi Indirect comes with clinical cases modeled on the basis of real patient cases and developed in cooperation with universities and ophthalmologists. Clinical cases come with detailed patient histories, multiple-choice questions, and additional diagnostic material. This broad clinical experience helps trainees to develop diagnostic and therapeutic skills.