CSO is an International leader in diagnostic ophthalmic instruments since more than fifty years. Since when it was born, the company has grown and, thanks to the wise leadership of its founders Mr. Sergio Mura and Mr. Giuseppe Matteuzzi, it conquered wider markets up to become an undisputed leader. CSO has recently enlarged its plant with new production lines and by increasing the R&D sector with new engineers and software developers. Thanks to an efficient and diffused team of co-workers and salesmen, CSO has become a strong player in the international market.


Combines placido disk topography with Sheimpflug tomography of the anterior segment. Sirius provides information on pachymetry, elevation, curvature and dioptric power of both corneal surfaces over a diameter of 12 mm. All biometric measurements of the anterior chamber are calculated using 25 sections from the cornea. Measurement speed reduces the effect of eye movement producing a high quality accurate measurement.


Antares is a fully featured multi-functional corneal topographer. Antares has dedictaed software designed to help in the detection and analysis of Dry Eye. The topography function provides information about the curvature, elevation and refractive power of the cornea. It also provides many parameters to aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of the corneal surface.


The information provided by Osiris-T, a corneal topographer combined with a total ocular aberrometer, is indispensable for the correct evaluation of patients who have, in addition to traditional low-order defects, even more complex ocular aberrations, either corneal or internal.

The ability to measure high order aberrations as well as standard refraction has become the new standard of care for your patients. Osiris, is a total ocular aberrometer, and is indispensable for the correct evaluation of critical patients who have, in addition to traditional low-order defects, even more complex ocular aberrations. Osiris has a unique design that enables it to measure aberrations with a resolution of 45,000 points (at the maximum pupil diameter), with a wide dynamic. Thanks to the use of a pyramidal sensor, Osiris is also able to measure the total wave-front in real time with a frame rate of up to 33 images per second: this makes it possible to measure and view changes in power and aberrations while the patient is accomodating


CSO SL9800 | SL9900 | SL9900 ELITE
CSO slit lamps are engineered to the highest European quality standards and come equipped with LED illumination. Ergonomic design, high quality optics and precision mechanical parts provides the user with an unparelled experience while conducting a slit lamp examination.

POLARIS is an accessory for slit lamp, for the advanced analysis of the tear-film. It can be mounted on every brand slit lamp. It can be used through the Phoenix software, or simply through the microscope.


Cobra+ is an easy to use, non-mydriatic digital fundus camera. The 5 mega pixel camera produces high resolution retinal images up to a 50 degree visual field. Cobra+ can capture images through a very small pupil diameter (2.5mm).

Cobra HD is a non-mydriatic digital fundus camera that comprises all the functions required for a rapid screening of the status of the retina. Cobra uses an innovative optical system that can provide high quality images of the ocular fundus. With its ergonomic design Cobra provides a clear and detailed image of the ocular fundus with a field of vision of up to 50 degrees. Cobra uses a minimum flash exposure, allowing a fast and detailed acquisition of the fundus and minimizing the discomfort for the patient. Cobra HD shares the use of the CCD high-resolution sensor (5 megapixel) for the alignment of the pa- tient (with IR illumination) and the capture of retinal images (with a white light flash and IR LEDs).


Endothelial microscopy is essential in the diagnosis of many corneal dystrophies, degenerative diseases and in the pre and post operative assessment of cataract surgery and corneal transplants. Perseus is a fully automated non-contact instrument, providing analysis of the corneal endothelium: the device quickly produces high-definition, quality, well-contrasted images. Cell density, Pleomorphism and Poimegatism values, as well as pachymetric data are calculated automatically. If it is necessary to make evaluations on the peripheral areas of the cornea, Perseus is equipped with a set of fixation targets allowing these measurments to be taken.


The JVL/1 instrument has high performances in reading and measuring the curvature radius of the cornea, its refractive power and corneal astigmatism. The istrument has a high examination quality and wide useful surface of the cornea for measurement (3,4 mm) and it has an back-lighted reading scale graduated in TABO system.